Top 7 ways to lose weight and feel great!

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1. Get active and exercise more!

Set your alarm, mark your calendar, pump up the jams, lace up those sneakers and get moving! Set time aside to move, sweat and breath deep! Your mental, physical and energetic systems will thank you in more ways than one! More often it’s about setting time aside to just do it! The options are truly endless but start with something you enjoy! If you are going from sedentary to start-up, begin with 15-20 min a day and continue to bump it up from there.

· Running    · Swimming   · Bike riding   · Yoga   · Sports   · Aerobics   · Strength training   · Walking

2. Avoid Sugar – Add more fresh organic fruit- Use stevia instead of sugar

Is sugar really a sweet treat? Everyday more studies are proving and linking high-sugar diets to obesity, depression, tooth decay, ADHD, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, certain types of cancer and rapid cancer cell growth. Sadly sugar is not just in that can of soda or your hot fudge Sunday. Nowadays, sugar comes in many forms and is one of the number one food additives. It’s in everything from wheat bread, condiments, salad dressings, yogurt and so on. If you start reading labels, here are some of the names and forms sugar comes in:

· Maltodextrin   · High Fructose  · Corn Syrup   · Sucrose   · Sugar   · Fructose   · Dextrose

When a scientific study was performed to find the effects sugar had on mice they found that the toxic effects of feeding mice refined white sugar showed more frequent deaths, less reproduction and the mice were equivalent to the inbred mice. Basically, sugar made them dumb, more likely to die and not reproduce. Reference:

Cutting sugar out completely is no easy task. It takes commitment, education and time to be prepared for a healthier and a truly sweeter alternative. Interestingly, once you have detoxed from refined sugar, your pallet becomes much for sensitive to sweetness. Some of nature’s real desserts like fresh organic fruit, honey and stevia become a positively sweeter and more enjoyable choice. Reference:

3. Avoid processed food- invest in real organic food


Good meal planning will actually teach to eat real food! If you cannot pronounce the ingredients or know what they are, it’s likely your body cannot digest it or deliver the proper nutrients from it. Even with the amazing advances in technology we are still human beings and require whole foods, not engineered coding for robots.

It is best to invest in whole, fresh, organic foods and shop on the parameters of the grocery store, avoiding mostly processed foods in the center aisles. Processed foods are generally loaded with preservatives, gluten, sugar, genetically modified, trans-fats and void of nutrient ingredients.

Cooking whole foods from scratch is what your body thrives on and needs to function at optimum wellness. Yes, this takes more time but adds years to your life and feeling well.

4. Get enough rest and relaxation time

On average, we need about 8 to 10 hours of good sleep per night. Lack of sleep can cause hormone in-balance in two important appetite hormones: ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin stimulates our appetite, while leptin sends signals to our body that we are full.  Many studies have shown when we are sleep deprived, ghrelin levels increase and leptin levels decrease leading our bodies to want to over compensate in other ways. People were more likely to crave simple carbohydrates, sugary snacks and eat later in the evening. If you are waking up tired, continuing to reach for coffee, carbs, and sugar to get through the day its likely you need more sleep in order to get your ghrelin and leptin levels back in balance.

In addition to getting enough sleep, relax!  Taking time for a daily meditation is also an easy way to naturally reduce stress. Start with 5 minutes a day to close your eyes and focus on your breath. This simple habit will help in feeling more calm and centered.

5. Stay hydrated- water yourself daily with good water

We are made up of 70% water so it is no surprise that continuing to replenish our bodies is critical for proper functioning of our cells, tissues and organs. Water helps remove waste, toxins, and helps maintain temperature while lubricating joints. Making sure to drink good water is also key. Some people do better with spring water while other people’s systems prefer alkaline water.

When you are hungry drink water first. Our bodies often confuse hunger with thirst. Drinking two glasses of water to start your day hydrated is an excellent habit to form. Signs you can be dehydrated:

 ·Dry mouth   ·Not urinating throughout the day    ·Headaches

·Constipation    ·Muscle cramp    ·Dizziness/lightheaded

6. Keep a food journal- track how you feel after meals

We all have our own individual constitution and biology. Therefore, not everyone needs the same diet. Some people need more animal protein, others need more vegetarian sources, some can have dairy, others can’t, some can have gluten, and others should have a non-gluten diet or even be grain-free. But everyone needs a variety of vegetables and fruit, preferably fresh, every day.

7. Last but not least, LOVE YOURSELF!

This is actually the most important. Until we are comfortable with loving ourselves we will probably not reach our intended goals with the same momentum and power.

Truly this is the #1 tip for loosing weight, and feeling great!

When you love every cell, tissue, organ and morsel of your being you will start seeing magnificent results in your life. It’s not selfish to love ourselves. In order to truly give of ourselves our cup must be full first! When we truly learn to love ourselves fully, we become beacons of light, in our relationships, our jobs and the world.

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