Springtime- Wood Element- Liver & Gallbladder

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Spring is an excellent time of year to eat more raw vegetables, do a green juicing cleanse and detox the liver which is associated with the wood element and spring time in eastern medicine. The following are herbs are great for a liver cleanse.

Dandelion is an overall liver cleanser and tonic. It is practically effective for premenstrual mood swings accompanied by bloating and breast tenderness.

Peppermint is a mood-elevating invigorating herb that also helps with digestive disturbances, bloating and poor appetite. Drink as tea and drink freely thought the day.

Burdock root cleanses the liver and blood, can be cooked when fresh, like a carrot, or used in a tea when dried.

Milk thistle is a premier herb for anyone who has been exposed to toxic chemicals. It should be taken for at least 2 months after exposure. It is beneficial for people who work with chemicals or are routinely exposed to pollution.

Cheladonium is one of the best overall liver tonics. It should be taken as a tincture—a few drops in a table spoon of water—3 times a day before meals, and it will quickly clear digestive and appetite disturbances, enhance clarity of vision, and ease emotional strain.

p. 67 from Love your organs; love yourself by Warren King, L.Ac

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