Lymphatic Drainage Bodywork

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) often used for post-operational procedures. This specialized form of bodywork can decrease stress and swelling. MLD often shortens recovery time and improves results, by reducing post-surgical swelling. MLD & lymphatic bodywork services are based on individual healing needs. These sessions include self-care techniques for a speedy recovery, suggested meal plans for individual body-types and a self-care kit. Lympathic swing techniques, cellulite brushing, and vibration machines used according to care protocol.

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Life Coaching

One Life Coaching session can have a huge impact in finding clarity, feeling inspired about your purpose, and changing outmoded ways of thinking into powerful new ways of relating to yourself and the world. When people commit to 6 sessions or more, they feel significant changes in their lives. Creating a new business plan, becoming healthier or improving relationships are a few of the reasons people start working with Jennifer. The coaching dialogue is for you to have an inquiry and become grounded in what you want for your life and what it is going to take to create it. People value the monthly, weekly or bi-weekly sessions for creating momentum, accountability, inspiration, and clarity. Sessions may be held in-office or you may choose a skype/phone consultation.

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Health Kinesiology

Health Kinesiology is a muscle reflex technique that draws from various holistic traditions, particularly the energetic model of traditional Chinese Medicine. This technique taps into the natural intelligence of your body to discover what the body needs to heal and be working at its optimum level. Jennifer will also incorporate acupressure treatments to correct imbalances in the body’s “energy pathways”. This muscle balancing technique can help overcome illness, discomfort, pain, emotional stress or other symptoms due to imbalances or blockage in the vital energy or life force of the person.

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Personalized packages offer services from our team of experts

  • Personalized weekly or biweekly life coaching calls

  • In-person home or office meetings for reorganization or recommendations

  • Personal fitness training or personalized yoga sessions

  • Health and lifestyle coaching

  • Customized body therapy – Applied Kinesiology, Acupressure & Restorative stretch

  • Education about specific meal plans that are right for your unique blood type

  • Meal plans for Improving gut health & healing inflimation through nutrition
  • A network of medical physicians & holistic health practitioners

  • Meal planning and grocery shopping support
  • Consulting on cooking, recipes, food and menu preparation, supplement and health product recommendations
  • Weekend retreats and intensives workshops

Total Transformation To Wellness

One month to one year programs available

If you have significant body-composition goals or health issues and want to develop a healthy relationship with food, fitness and ultimate wellness, this customized plan is for you. Through extensive intake questions and in some cases, medical lab tests, we will get to the bottom line of what your dietary stumbling blocks have been so you reach your intended goals. Medical lab testing helps to determine if you have food sensitivities. Let our team of specialist determine what your food allergies or sensitivities are to plan an appropriate, customized meal plan for your individual needs. Not everyone needs to have lab tests; therefore after an initial consultation we can determine what the best course of action is for you. Progress is continually assessed, meal plan adjustments made with on going life coaching, fitness training & yoga sessions that incorporate a perfectly well balanced program designed for you!

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Transformation To Wellness

  • Personal Yoga Sessions

  • Personal Fitness Training

  • Nutritional Coaching

  • Home, Office & ┬áLifestyle Recommendations

  • Lab Testing if Necessary

  • Weekley & Bi-Weekley Coaching Calls

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