Manifesting Dreams That Matter

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Why is it that some dreams are so easily manifested and others are not?  Or some dreams, once they are manifested are not as great as what we thought they would be.

Life can be a wonderful dream when inspired by the higher self, or a nightmare when run by our ego. The ego identifies with the temporal. I.E., relationships, promotions, prestige, and titles… which are fleeting. The ego wants to know, “What is in it for me?”  Our spirit asks “How can I serve others?”

Several ancient teachings point to the idea that we have a soul, which goes beyond this form identity and is much more expansive than our ego-mind-state. Our soul is the timeless part of ourselves, that continues on even after this life degenerates and dissolves.  Our soul carries the karma from all of our past actions. Most of us are not aware of our soul, at least not fully.

When our ego mind decides to create the next great idea to manifest, we are not necessarily aware of what the soul’s intent or plan is. This is precisely when we can have a crisis in consciousness or an awakening; When the ego mind and the soul are not in alignment.  When dreams do not come true it is often because the desire did not align with the mission or karma of our soul.

It is in this exact moment, I invite you to look beyond the world of form and the ego mind state, and make an intention to connect to the timeless presence of your higher self, your I AM Presence.

Sometimes it can be a little painful or literally an ego blow when we discover the dream needs to be reconstructed and made with more precision and awareness of taming the ego, connecting with our soul and tapping into our higher self.  When we are able to do this and let go of any lingering stories of “what should have been or what should be” and fully accept the present moment in its perfect reflection of where we are at on our journey, we are liberated!

In the present moment, we are free and more conscious to create a connection with our higher self. This is when we can walk hand and hand with the infinite intelligence of the universe in creating a more suitable dream for our ultimate purpose.

1. Take time for daily meditation. When we are able to sit in silence for even for a few minutes a day, focus on the simplicity of our breath while letting our thoughts calm down, we eventually create space for the connection with our higher-self.

2. Create a mission statement for your personal and professional life that you can look at and say out-loud daily

3. Ponder and become familiar with the “why” your work is helping others

4. Take time to be in feelings of gratitude –  as if the dream has already manifested

When we are fulfilling our purpose and mission of serving and helping the world be a better place, fulfillment follows. When our dream is primarily rooted in a selfish paradigm, we commonly come face to face with the delusions or where we have lost direction or inspiration.