“I am the awareness” exercise of letting go

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“I am the awareness” exercise of letting go

If you find yourself holding on to negative feelings, judgments or emotions that are time to let go of once and for all this is an excellent exercise for continuing to let go of any unnecessary pain and negativity.

1. Write at the top of the page, “ I am the awareness there is still attachment here and I am willing to let go. I am letting go of (fill in the blank)…”

2. Write down any or all negative thoughts, feeling and judgments that are no longer serving you or bringing peace or positive forward movement.

3. Once you have written it all out, read it as many times as you need to until you feel no emotional attachment or enough detachment and objectiveness to let go.

4. Now in a safe and contained space go ahead and burn the page or pages.

5. Once you have this open space and feel a release of letting go you may want to say out loud what you prefer to focus on. Some examples could be, “I am attracting loving, peaceful, experiences, relationships and connections into my life. Get in touch with loving and peaceful feeling as you say out loud your new intentions.

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