Jennifer Day is the creator of Wellness Day LA. Her practice as a life coach and healer is innovative and dynamic. Her approach is multidimensional which includes the mind, body & spirit. Her method has been effective in helping clients heal and transform their lives in areas of wellness, health, improved relationships and life direction.

With more than 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, Jennifer has helped hundreds of people to take action for optimum wellness and creating a life they love. She is particularly adept in assisting clients identifying the root causes of their negative patterns or health symptoms in order to heal and create new healthy habits.

She was drawn to the healing arts in her early twenties and graduated from The California Healing Arts College of Santa Monica in 1998. She continued education with certifications in Co-Active Life Coaching, Holistic Health, NLP, Personal Training, Yoga, Health Kinesiology, and Nutritional Coaching. She also attended and earned a degree from Kaplan School of Business and Metro State University of Minnesota.

Jennifer began her career in Minnesota, where she worked at Plymouth Grove Chiropractic for over eight years specializing in medical massage therapy, health kinesiology, and life coaching. A large portion of the people she saw was suffering from injuries, and struggling with weight issues. She helped create nutritional and fitness programs designed for the specific alignments of her clients. It was through this process that she gained a deep understanding of physiology and the individual nutritional and emotional needs that each person required. In the most recent years, Jennifer has been leading and curating wellness and yoga retreats internationally that included life coaching, nutritional coaching, yoga, and fitness training. She is now based in Los Angles and provides an innovative combination of healing modalities for a transformational experience of the body, mind, and soul. She has helped hundreds of clients become more purposeful, healthier and inspired.

  • Certified Co-Active Life Coach – Coaches Training Institute 2009
  • Certified Kinesiologist – Kinesiology Institute 2015
  • Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist -California Healing Arts College 1999
  • Health & Nutritional Coach Certification- California Healing Arts College 2000
  • Certified Yoga Instructor – Minneapolis School of Yoga- 2004
  • Certified Personal Trainer – National Exercise & Sports Academy 2010
  • Over a fifteen years working experience
  • Licensed and Insured

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